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CAHS Patriots a 501C(3) organization


    Connellsville Area School District is located in Fayette County approximately fifty miles southeast of Pittsburgh in the heart of Lauren Highlands. The school district covers an area of 240 square miles. Interestingly enough, the largest employer in the Connellsville Area School District is the School district itself. The Connellsville Area High School is the largest high school in the Intermediate Unit 1, which consists of schools in Fayette, Green and Washington Counties. It offers a broad based curriculum with programs for students of every interest area and ability level. The present high school building was opened in 1970 and continues to provide an organized and productive educational setting. The school has a faculty of over 90 teachers and support personnel that is very knowledgeable, dedicated, and student oriented. The staff and student body work well together to promote a safe and wholesome learning environment.

   According to the Connellsville Area High School's Profile for 1998-99 school year, 58.9 percent of the school district's students come from low income homes as compared to the Pennsylvania state average of 31.7 percent. The student population of C.A.H.S. has declined since 1966 when the Dunbar Township School District and Connellsville Joint School District merged to form Connellsville Area School District. The current student population is approximately 1,400.

    The population of the city of Connellsville was listed as 9, 229 according to the 1990 U.S. Census. The C.A.S.D. has a total population of approximately 35,000. The city has shown a steady decline in recent decades. The decline in population is partly attributed to the loss of important employment opportunities in the area. The largest employer in Fayette County, Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, has recently closed its South Connellsville plant. There has also been a sharp reduction in job opportunities in important traditional Fayette County occupations such as the railroads, coal mines and steel mills.

    With the decline in the above mentioned job opportunities, service-oriented jobs have become the most available in the Connellsville Area. Many students who attend college or advanced training move to other areas of the country in pursuit of higher paying positions.


Mission Statement of the Connellsville Area School District

The C.A.H.S. Patriots, comprised of students, educators, parents and community, emphasize promoting patriotism throughout the school and community while providing care packages to deployed servicemen/women. In doing so they demonstrate respect, pride and appreciation for the ideals of freedom and democracy and create an atmosphere where others learn to appreciate and display love and respect for these ideals.