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CAHS Patriots a 501C(3) organization

Veterans Monument Honors CAHS Graduates

In November, 2007 the CAHS Patriots renovated the existing Veterans' Memorial in front of the high school. Students at the Career and Technical Center cleaned and repointed the structure. Local contributors paid for the landscaping, paving, flagpoles and three bronze plaques honoring three CAHS grades who gave their lives while serving this nation. EM Timothy Bollibon of the class of 1986 gave his life during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. GM3 Heath Stillwagon of the class of 1987 gave his life aboard the USS Iowa in 1989. PFC Shelby Feniello of the class of 1999 gave his life during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Four bronze plaques were added in November, 2008 for Vietnam veterans: SGT Earl D. Barkley of class of 1968 gave his live during Vietnam Conflict in 1971. SP4 Francis Addis of the class of 1968 gave his life during the Vietnam Conflict in 1970. PFC Lawrence Eans of the class of 1967 gave his live during the Vietnam Conflict in 1968. SN Robert “Jumbo” Miller of the class of 1968 died in 1969 while assigned to the USS Forrestal. SPC William Cable of the class of 1994 gave his life while in service during the Global War on Terror in 2008.

Click here to visit the electronic memorial’s website and read about the veterans of the Connellsville area.