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CAHS Patriots a 501C(3) organization
Patriots Projects
The CAHS Patriots is a volunteer group, founded by Connellsville High School teacher     Linda Shearer in March 2003. The group is comprised of students, educators, parents     and community members and emphasizes promoting patriotism throughout the school and     community while showing their support by sending care packages to deployed servicemen/women.
To date the group has:
The group remains committed to their projects. The biggest fund raisers: the Annual     Collectible/Celebrity Auction (Spring) and the Connellsville Geranium Festival.
Shipping 11644 packages to our deployed troops. Holding recognition programs for local veterans.  To date 2500 local veterans have attended. Placing wreaths on graves in the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies.  To date we have raised funds to sponsor 5000 wreaths. $3582 Raised for the Flight 93 Memorial Dedicating a memorial at the CAHS to honor the 8 grads who died in service.  This is outside the main entrance at the Sr. High. Receiving and displaying a piece of the WTC destroyed on 9/11 that is displayed in the foyer at CAHS.  This serves as a reminder to all who remember and a lesson for those who are too young to remember.