Support Our Troops With Military Care Packages

CAHS Patriots, Inc., has promoted patriotism for two decades as we ship care packages for military personnel around the world. These men and women have volunteered to protect our freedoms, and they need volunteers to show them support. With our origin as a student volunteer group, we continue to need volunteers to provide donations to cover the expenses associated with our military care packages.

The Impact of Your Donation

Though they may be far away from home, care packages remind military personnel of the people and things they left behind. Our goal is to make sure that every man and woman serving our country receives support in some way or another.

Every care package sent delivers an encouraging and thoughtful message which uplifts their spirits and reminds them that we are thinking of them. These care packages let them know that their sacrifice is appreciated and remind them of what they are fighting for.

We've found that our care packages are typically shared with at least 10 members of the military! That means that your donation will provide encouragement to multiple members of our armed forces.

Join Us and Make a Difference!

Your donation can make a difference in the lives of those serving our country overseas. You can honor their courage and sacrifice by donating to cover the costs associated with sending military care packages full of love and appreciation.

Through your donations, CAHS Patriots, Inc., can provide these heroes with a tangible reminder of our appreciation for all they do. We know it is the small gestures that count the most—let us join forces to bring joy through the little things! Donate now and show your love to those who selflessly serve us all. Together, we can help create a brighter future for our brave heroes in uniform.

If you'd like to donate funds, visit our PayPal. To donate goods, visit our contact page.